GÉANT is the leading collaboration for research and education in Europe which supports scientific endeavour with the state of the art network, connectivity and ICT services. To help GÉANT achieve this ambition, it’s Learning and Development (L&D) team plans, designs and delivers a variety of training programs.

Cyber security is one the key priorities for GÉANT community with TRANSITS as a flagship course in this area of expertise. TRANSITS is a training framework that provides affordable, high-quality training to both new and experienced computer security incident response team (CSIRT) personnel, as well as individuals with a bona-fide interest in establishing a CSIRT (https://tf-csirt.org/transits-2/).

In connection with that, GÉANT is seeking for a TRANSITS Head Trainer who could assist L&D team in delivering TRANSITS courses and safeguarding quality of training materials. More specifically, the work encompasses:

  • providing support for training workshops including (approximately 15 days):
    • performing the “head trainer” duties at three training workshops a year (two TRANSITS-I workshops and one TRANSITS II workshop) at the European level, which means co-ordinating the programme, presenting modules and assisting with logistics when required.
    • allocating tutors and assisting with the preparations for the course delivery.
    • helping to maintain a list of tutors and their special expertise.
  • assisting with the maintaining and updating the TRANSITS-I and TRANSITS-II course materials (3 days).
  • organising and (co-)delivering TRANSITS Train-the-Trainer event, possibly adjacent to a TF-CSIRT meeting (4 days).
  • assisting and advising GÉANT on other matters that might arise in the area of cyber security training (3 days).

Practical Details

Offers can be based on the total value or an hourly rate of the service. If an hourly rate is used, a maximum cap of hours will be introduced in a contract upon a discussion with the chosen provider.

Duration of the contract – 2 years.

Proposals should be sent to magda.haver@geant.org and irina.mikhailava@geant.org by November 20th, 2017.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria will be based on:

  • Knowledge and awareness of TRANSITS framework and materials:
    • A person must have experienced TRANSITS framework at least once.
  • Knowledge and experience with training delivery and/or adult training:
    • A person must have delivered or delivers training sessions at least twice a year.
  • Knowledge and awareness of CERT work and TF CSIRT community.
  • Cultural fit with GÉANT.
  • The total value of service will be considered in combination with factors above.