TRANSITS provides state of the art, high-quality training to Computer Security and Incident Response Team (CSIRT) personnel, as well as individuals with a bona-fide interest in establishing a CSIRT. The training is co-ordinated by GÉANT and is operated on cost recovery basis, with financial support from ENISA. The course materials may also be licensed to those wishing to organise their own TRANSITS training courses.

Since the inception, TRANSITS has trained over a thousand security professionals in the European region. Many more have benefited from the third-party courses organised elsewhere around the world. Over the years, operatives have been trained for commercial, governmental, military and national CSIRTs, as well as those in the research and education sector. A number of participants have gone on to become TRANSITS trainers themselves, passing on their knowledge within their own regions and countries.

There are two levels of TRANSITS Training- basic (TRANSITS I) and advanced (TRANSITS II). Both training take place in a form of interactive workshops and last 2-3 days.


The TRANSITS I course is aimed at new or potential CSIRT personnel who wish to gain a solid understanding in the main aspects of working in an incident handling and response team. It offers experience and expertise in Operational, Organisational, Legal and Technical areas, which form knowledge basis for CSIRT personnel.

More information about TRANSITS I


The TRANSITS II course is aimed at experienced personnel working for established CSIRTs. It provides an advanced knowledge and experience of key areas in incident handling and response operations, training in how to improve communications with constituents, along with practical exercises.

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Forthcoming Courses

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Bespoke Courses / In-house Training

GÉANT is occasionally able to support the creation of bespoke courses and in-house training for organisations that want a tailored TRANSITS event.  Please contact us if you are interested.

Where we are not able to support such a course, we are happy to recommend the following organisations who may be able to run TRANSITS courses for you.  In order to be added to this list, the organisation must:

  • have successfully delivered TRANSITS trainings to a standard that is approved by the TF-CSIRT Steering Committee.
  • use trainers that have attended TRANSITS and TRANSITS Train the Trainer courses themselves.
  • have trainers capable of offering all TRANSITS modules.
  • have the ability to manage all aspects of course delivery (invoicing, trainers, student certificates etc).

TRANSITS training organisations currently recommended are:

(list coming soon).

Course Materials

The TRANSITS course materials were developed by GÉANT in collaboration with members of TF-CSIRT and are regularly updated. They are copyrighted by GÉANT on behalf of its community, although individual authors and/or their employers may also hold copyright in certain items.

TRANSITSI is made available by GÉANT under a Creative Commons license for use by the community.   For more information on how to use the materials please visit the TRANSITS Materials page.  Please contact us for more information.

Copyright in TRANSITSII is held by the various authors of the courses.


TRANSITS evolved out of a European Commission funded project (IST-2001-39118, 1 July 2002 – 30 September 2005), that aimed at establishing CSIRT teams and at addressing the shortage of CSIRT skilled staff. The demand for the training spilled above and beyond the project and was picked up by GÉANT (formerly TERENA) in creative and financial collaboration with ENISA, FIRST and other like-minded organisations.