The Trusted Introducer Service forms the trusted backbone of infrastructure services and serves as clearinghouse for all security and incident response teams. It lists well known teams and accredits as well as certify teams according to their demonstrated and checked level of maturity. Vital member’s only services enabling security and incident response teams to interact more efficiently and effectively with each other are available to all accredited and certified teams.

Trusted Introducer is one of three elements that form the core of the TF-CSIRT portfolio: Task Force Meetings, TRANSITS and Trusted Introducer. TF-CSIRT meetings are open to any team that is registered with Trusted Introducer, although only accredited and certified teams are allowed to attend the closed sessions and have access to talks deemed TLP:Amber and TLP:Red. These meetings help foster the trust initialized by Trusted Introducer and build strong relationships between teams in the community.

Please visit the Trusted Introducer website or use the links on the TF-CSIRT sub-menu to find out more about the service, such as: