As of September 2018 TF-CSIRT Steering Committee consists of 6 members, the Chair and the Secretary, 8 people in total. Here we outline estimated TF-CSIRT Steering Committee activities and tasks, as well as approximate time that have to be dedicated to these tasks.

Nr. Activity / task How often Estimated time Explanation
1. Participation in January meeting – SC meeting, event, side events 1x per year 3,5-4 days


2 days – event

1 day – SC meetings

+ side meetings with FIRST BoD

+travel time

2. Participation in May and September meetings 2x per year 2,5-3 days 1,5-2 days – event

0,5-1 day – SC meeting

+ travel time

3. Work on action items and working documents, regular interaction with the SC. Topics vary from operational to strategic. E.g. voting on decisions about TI process, selecting new logo, preparing and commenting on various documents, reacting on requests from members, etc.

In the coming years expected more involvement regarding the future of TF-CSIRT


Regular 2-3 hours per week. Depending on the engagement and discussed topics. Weeks before the TF-CSIRT meeting might be more demanding. If SC member is away or not able to participate on some topics, it is taken into account. Summer holidays and Christmas are taken into account as well.
4. SC meetings via video/audio ~6x per year 2-3 hours 1 hour for meeting

1-2 hours – preparations

5. TI certification approval  

3-6 per year

1-2 hours per certification It is necessary to read the certification report and either approve or ask for more details and explanations in selected paragraphs of the document.
6. Preparation for F2F meetings 3x per year before the meetings 1-2 days before each meeting Review of minutes, reports, action items, agenda, etc.
7. Representing TF-CSIRT SC in other events, meetings with FIRST BoD, meetings with OCF BoC As needed Couple of days per year – depending on other events which SC member is attending