The TF-CSIRT Steering Committee coordinates the activities of the Task Force. It is comprised of the TF-CSIRT Chair, the TF-CSIRT Secretary (ex-officio) and six elected representatives.

The TF-CSIRT Chair is elected every two years. The other elected representatives also serve two year terms, but the terms are staggered so that two representatives are elected each year. Elections are normally held during TF-CSIRT meetings in September. If you are interested in participating as an SC member, we have prepared some information that might be useful as to the commitment involved.


The Steering Committee has the following responsibilities:

  • Coordinating the activities of TF-CSIRT and recommending courses of action where issues occur.
  • Making decisions on CSIRT accreditation and certification in accordance with the guidelines agreed by the TF-CSIRT membership.
  • Reviewing the performance of the Trusted Introducer service and making recommendations to modify or expand it.
  • Overseeing the development of the TRANSITS training curricula and course materials, monitoring tutoring standards, and registration of tutors.
  • Advising on future developments and strategic directions in computer security.
  • Providing input on meeting agendas.


You can contact the Steering Committee via email:


Silvio Oertli, TF-CSIRT Chair

Silvio Oertli is the Head of SWITCH-CERT (Universities & Registry). Before joining SWITCH-CERT, he has been working in IT investigation for law enforcement agencies since 2008. Started as an project manager, he went into the field of digital forensics and last as deputy head of the investigation service at the Cybercrime Competence Center of the Zürich cantonal police. Before his career as an IT investigator, he gained several years of IT industry experience as a project manager, software developer and systems engineer for 911-dispatch-software. Silvio is a trained IT forensics trainer and teaches digital Forensics at the University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich . In addition to his IT engineering degree, he holds a Bachelor of Law.

Silvio has been on the Steering Committee since September 2018 and the Chair of TF-CSIRT since September 2019.

Sigita Jurkynaitė, Steering Committee Member

Sigita works as Information Security Manager at Nord Security. She has international experience in cybersecurity project management, coordination of expert communities and training.

Previously, Sigita worked at GÉANT, where one of her tasks was coordinating TF-CSIRT. In addition, she led a wide range of international projects and teams, information security community activities and Special Interest Groups. She organised cyber security trainings, conferences and workshops in Europe and Asian countries.  Sigita was Director of CyberSOC at NRD prior to joining Nord Security.

Sigita holds a Master’s Degree of Business Management at the ISM University of Management and Economics.

Věra Mikušová, Steering Committee Member

Vera is a Representative of CSIRT.CZ, with a primary focus on legal and procedural aspects of cybersecurity and on fostering a national cybersecurity community. She has been actively involved in cybersecurity policy since 2015 and possesses a rich professional background. Vera has previously served as a project coordinator at CZ.NIC and as a cybersecurity consultant at EY. She has a strong track record in organizing events, ranging from conferences and workshops to training sessions and small national or international meetings.

Vera holds a Master’s degree in Security and Strategic Studies from the Police Academy. In addition to her professional skills within the cybersecurity community, she is the founder of a non-profit organization dedicated to organizing summer camps and providing education to children. She has also produced a film focusing on animal agriculture and serves as a city councilor in Sušice.

David Byers, Steering Committee Member

David Byers is head of the IT infrastructure office at Linköping University where his responsibilities include leading the university’s CSIRT and information security group. As team leader he has made development of the CSIRT’s capabilities, maturity, and engagement with communities such as TF-CSIRT a priority, including certification through Trusted Introducer. David has been active in the areas of system and network administration for nearly thirty years, with a particular focus on system and application security for the last fifteen. He was awarded a PhD in Computer Science from Linköping University with a disseration related to software security.

Vilius Benetis, Steering Committee Member

Dr. Vilius Benetis is member of NRD CIRT (@NRD Cyber Security), where he leads a team of experts to consult, establish, and modernise CSIRT/SOCs for governments, organisations, and sectors in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. He is an active contributor to the development of CSIRT methodologies for ENISA,, and ITU. He is an official CIS Controls Ambassador.

Andre Oosterwijk, Steering Committee Member

Andre Oosterwijk is a Senior Security Specialist – Incident Response at KPN CERT. He has worked in the public sector from 1997-2015 in different roles related to Incident response and security analysis at the Ministry of Defence and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC-NL). His first TF-CSIRT meeting was in 2007 and he is an active participant in the community since then. The past years Andre worked for several multinational companies on Incident Response/Forensics and SOC/CSIRT deployment. Since 2017, he is working at the Dutch telco KPN as part of the KPN-CERT team.

Dave Monnier, Steering Committee Member

Dave Monnier is the Chief Information Officer, Chief Evangelist, and a Team Cymru Fellow at Team Cymru, Inc., a specialized Internet security research firm based in Florida, USA. Before joining Team Cymru in 2007, Dave worked with UNIX and Linux administration in academic and high-performance computing environments where he helped build some of the most powerful computational systems of their day. He later served as a Lead Security Engineer for a Big ten University and later helped to launch the Research and Education Networking ISAC, part of the formal U.S. ISAC community.

In 2010, Dave was granted the title of Team Cymru Fellow, a highest honor of Team Cymru. Dave has lead multiple teams as part of Team Cymru ranging from Engineering, Outreach, Threat Intelligence, Sales, Marketing, and Client Success. Dave helps organizations to fully consider their security and policy decisions in real-world terms. As a result, he has traveled the world presenting security ideas and solving organizations hardest problems.