Until 2015, the geographical scope of TF-CSIRT and Trusted Introducer was limited to Europe, the Middle East and Mediterranean Africa. Moving forward, the focus of TF-CSIRT remains European, and all TF-CSIRT meetings will continue to be held within Europe. Following demand from the broader CSIRT community, the geographical scope has now been broadened and teams from all geographical regions are entitled to join. TF-CSIRT has chosen to align it’s geographical boundaries with regional internet registry definitions inline with approaches taken by other CSIRT initiatives.

The process is as follows:

For teams within RIPE NCC Service Region:

Teams are invited to follow the normal listing, accreditation and certification processes as described on the Trusted Introducer website.

For all other teams:

We expect that teams outside of the RIPE NCC Service Region will join their regional CSIRT initiative where applicable in the first instance (e.g. APCERT, AfricaCERT, AMPARO etc.) and FIRST. When an application is received from such a team, the TI team will discuss the application with the team and their regional initiative (where appropriate) before proceeding with the normal listing, accreditation and certification processes.