TF-CSIRT Trusted Introducer offers 3-tiers of membership: Listed, Accredited and Certified. This page tells you more about the second of those processes – being an Accredited Team.

Your team has taken its first step in becoming part of the TF-CSIRT Community. This means you have had support by existing teams within the community and your basic team details are now registered in the Trusted Introducer database. This step is important, but does not document whether your team has established a stable environment and it provides only a limited visibility. Building on the successful experience of more than 200 teams you should therefore take the next step and communicate your operational readiness and join their closer community.

Accreditation allows you to do this and build stronger relationships as well as to establish new communication channels with fellow teams. Here are more benefits.

To prove and clearly demonstrate your continuous interest in cyber security on the European and international stage and to prove to your constituency and stakeholders your strong commitment to engage in responding to contemporary challenges on national, European and international scale.

To participate in the development of community-build best practices and standards, and participate as a voting member in all major decisions and to signal your voluntary obligation to follow community standards as baseline of operational excellence.

To gain access to the members-only space for Trusted Introducer and get access to readily downloadable extended contact databases, GPG/PGP keyrings, access to secure discussion fora and more and to rely on the regular freshness of up-to-date and verified contact information based on an elaborate scheme of maintenance process based on reminders and sanctions

To learn more the operational frameworks of other teams and to share core information of your own team’s operational framework with the closed community in an easy-to-use self-service and to support the very open, friendly and cooperative community and to help ensuring its continuity as a place to cultivate consensus building and sensitive discussions

To join the closed sessions at TF-CSIRT meetings, where TLP:Amber and TLP:Red presentations are delivered to which merely listed teams have no access and to test your own abilities by participating in regular response tests to ensure that your team and systems are working effectively and as desired

To become a member of very open, friendly and not-competitive environment that cultivates a sensitive discussion and consensus building which is outside of the usual pressures of the daily business

To help strengthening the community by introducing new teams into it and to protect the trust into it by voting about new listing requests and to enable via your membership fees the further development of the Trusted Introducer directory and related best practices and standards

Read more about the requirements of becoming a Trusted Introducer accredited team here.