TF-CSIRT Trusted Introducer offers 3-tiers of membership: Listed, Accredited and Certified.  This page tells you more about the first of those processes – being a Listed Team.

As the role and importance of cyber security is rising, internal and external requirements for teams and companies are getting more difficult to fulfil. It is therefore vital to implement leading security measures. For internal security, there are numerous certifications (e.g. ISO 27001) in place.

However, there is no official process to become established and visible to other security teams within the international security community. Years of community building and experience has demonstrated that the unrivalled route into the European and global community of CSIRT teams is to become a member of TF-CSIRT and listed by the Trusted Introducer.

To express your interest in cyber security on the European and international stage

To prove to your stakeholders a commitment to follow contemporary security challenges and adhere to community-agreed best practices and standards

To be involved in different security projects, where their success is largely based on the contributions of CSIRTs from different sectors and constituencies


To learn from the successes and failures of other teams from personal face-to-face meetings and subject-matter presentations or briefings


To meet other security teams three times a year in different European locations by being invited by volunteering teams or national communities willing to support the TF-CSIRT objectives


To become a member of very open, friendly and not-competitive environment that cultivates a sensitive discussion and consensus building which is outside of the usual pressures of the daily business


After getting familiar with the community and adopted practices, you can take the appropriate steps towards accreditation and certification

Read more about the requirements of becoming a Trusted Introducer listed team here.