Trusted Introducer and the TF-CSIRT community exist to provide a forum where members of the CSIRT community can exchange experiences and knowledge in a trusted environment in order to improve cooperation and coordination. This trust is built through face-to-face meetings, the TI accreditation and certification processes and adherence to best practice such as the ​CSIRT Code of Practice.

It is important that this trust environment is maintained and supported. Should any team feel that another team participating in the community is not meeting the spirit of cooperation entrenched in this community, we firstly encourage the teams to discuss the problems with each other to try and establish a resolution. If this is not possible, teams are invited to approach any current member of the ​TF-CSIRT Steering Committee if there is a conflict of interest with the Chair. If a complaint is received, the Chair will take the following steps:

  1. The party initiating the complaint will be invited to document the issue via verifiable digitally signed email and share with the TF-CSIRT Steering Committee as a TLP:RED communication. (This communication and any communication among the parties must take place in English).
  2. The TF-CSIRT Chair will call for discussion of the issue within the Steering Committee who will decide if there is significant grounds for complaint.
  3. If there are no significant grounds found, the TF-CSIRT Chair will inform the initiating party.
  4. If significant grounds are found, the TF-CSIRT Chair will ask the other party (-ies) to consider the complaint and respond via verifiable digitally signed email.
  5. If necessary, the TF-CSIRT Steering Committee will meet separately with all parties involved in the complaint (either face-to-face or online) to discuss the issues in more detail.
  6. Following these communications, the TF-CSIRT Steering Committee will propose a resolution process and ask the parties to agree to this process.
  7. The decision of the TF-CSIRT Steering Committee is final.
  8. In case of a conflict of interest with the Chair, the above actions of the Chair will be taken by the approached member of the Steering Committee on behalf of the Chair.