In 2017, TF-CSIRT wrote its first ever strategy.  This can be found below or attached as a pdf.

TF-CSIRT Mission

The mission of TF-CSIRT is to facilitate and improve the collaboration between the European CSIRT community to make cyber space a better place.

Why Us?

TF-CSIRT operates with a European mindset, and strives to make it services and meetings inclusive, accessible, easy-to-reach, and affordable for all CSIRTS in Europe – regardless of sector.  Through the Trusted Introducer service, TF-CSIRT can offer well-maintained and up-to-date information and provide teams with recognition status via its differentiated listing, accreditation and certification processes.

Critical Success Factors

The following critical success factors for TF-CSIRT have been identified:

  1. Knowledge within and beyond the community is leveraged to provide high quality training and trainers.
  2. We ensure that “live” meetings happen.
  3. We provide governance and financial models that are fit for purpose.
  4. We provide a reliable infrastructure that meets community needs.
  5. We drive projects with impact.
  6. There is sustainable membership development and engagement.
  7. We foster the “we feeling”.
  8. There is trusted information and there are trusted maturity processes.
  9. TF-CSIRT has prestige and visibility.

Strategic Aims

The TF-CSIRT Steering Committee has set the following strategic aims for 2017 – 2020.

  1.  Improve TF-CSIRT governance.
  2. Leverage community knowledge.
  3. Champion the prestige and visibility of TF-CSIRT.
  4. Develop a future business and financial model.
  5. Improve face-to-face engagement.
  6. Improve internal organizational processes.
  7. Safeguard and enhance the trusted infrastructure’s maturity process.


The TF-CSIRT strategic aims will be addressed via the following goals.   Three broad priority levels have been identified: P1 being the most immediate tasks to tackle, and P3 being areas that will be addressed later in the work cycle.   Note these goals are a living part of this document and will change and be updated over time.

1   Improve TF-CSIRT Governance (P1)

  • Create a Steering Committee communication pitch.
  • Increase the length of terms for Steering Committee members.
  • Adopt a portfolio of work for each Steering Committee member.
  • Have a Steering Committee update at every meeting.

2   Leverage Community Knowledge (P2)

  • Develop the training portfolio.
  • Re-evaluate the positioning of training.
  • Re-establish working groups and secure resources.

3   Champion the prestige and visibility of TF-CSIRT (P2)

  • Identify trust circles and key conversations to join and dedicate responsibility.

4    Develop a future business and financial model (P3)

  • Research future models and options for TF-CSIRT structure and present to members.

5   Improve face-to-face engagement (P1)

  • Revisit content format for meetings.
  • Introduce post meeting evaluation by Steering Committee and community (not survey).
  • Ensure 80% of accredited teams at meetings annually.
  • Keep meetings affordable.
  • Co-locate meetings.

6  Improve internal organizational processes (P1)

  • Clarify the roles and responsibilities of SC, GÉANT and Service Provider.
  • Evaluate existing resource allocation to activities.

7   Safeguard and enhance the trusted infrastructure’s maturity process (P1)

  • Complete revision of listed criteria and status.
  • Revise accredited criteria and status.
  • Encourage team progression through maturity status.