On the 12th July 2022, the Open CSIRT Foundation formally adopted new bylaws to make TF-CSIRT an integral part of the future of the Foundation.  As a member of the Board of Directors, Don Stikvoort signed the new bylaws on behalf of the Foundation at a short ceremony witnessed by Nicole Harris and Casper Dreef (in person) and Antonio Liu, Hans Petter Holen, Klaus-Peter Kossakowski, Martijn de Hamer and Mirosław Maj (remotely).

Reflecting on the changes, Don Stikvoort said that:

Last week on 12 July, TF-CSIRT and the Open CSIRT Foundation officially joined forces. GÉANT and RIPE NCC actively support this development. For the TF-CSIRT community, the visible changes will be minor – but for the future of TF-CSIRT, this is an important step.

Don Stikvoort

This step culminates three years of discussion with the TF-CSIRT community as to how best to meet the growing needs of the task force. The growth in membership and diversity of participant organisations has lead to TF-CSIRT outgrowing its initial home at GÉANT. GÉANT remains a core supporter of TF-CSIRT, together with RIPE NCC  and the Open CSIRT Foundation.

By joining the establishing partners of the new foundation, RIPE brings a wealth of knowledge and a community of practioners with opportunities to leverage new opportunities across the communities.

All three oganisations will take a seat on the newly formed Board of Commissioners for the foundation. The initial Board of Commissioner seats will be filled by Klaus-Peter Kossakowski (OCF), Klaas Wierenga (GÉANT) and Hans Petter Holen (RIPE). Three additional community seats will be appointed in early 2023.

Silvio Oertli (SWITCH) joins Don Stikvoort, Martijn de Hamer and Mirosław Maj on the Board of Directors for the Open CSIRT Foundation.

Reflecting on the change, Klaas Wierenga stated that:

After 22 years as a GÉANT Task Force, we are thrilled to continue to support TF-CSIRT in this exciting new chapter of its existence.

Klaas wierenga

More information about the new arrangements for TF-CSIRT will be discussed at the upcoming TF-CSIRT meeting in September 2022. You can also read more about the transition in our previous blogpost update.