TF-CSIRT is turning 20!

And who is best to tell the story than those who lived it? To mark this special occasion, we have reached out to some of the most notable members of the community, who have contributed to TF-CSIRT as we know it today and asked them to share their memories and visions for the future. 

Silvio Oertli 

TF-CSIRT Chair: 2019 – present

First TF-CSIRT meeting: Zurich, 2016

Favourite TF-CSIRT location: Tallinn, Valencia,


Silvio Oertli has only been coming to TF-CSIRT meetings for four years, but has already become a dedicated TRANSITS volunteer, contributing to updating the materials and teaching multiple modules. Since last year, Silvio has chaired TF-CSIRT after being elected at the September meeting in Cyprus. Silvio’s memories about his first meeting are related not to participating, but to organising the event, which took place in Zurich in 2016, organised by SWITCH. “I had no impression of the community because I was rushing around organising the event”, remembers Silvio. This highlights the importance of the role that hosts play in making the TF-CSIRT meetings a success. Only at the later meetings, when he had the time to meet the people, did he realise that TF-CSIRT is a great community with different lovely people in it. 

“To have a network where you can shortly get security specialists all over Europe on a case is really helpful if there is an incident at a university in Switzerland”

Silvio Oertli

It did not take him long to get actively involved in TRANSITS as a trainer, elected to the Steering Committee and becoming the current chair of the TF-CSIRT. “I thought it is a great community and I will contribute”, says Silvio. 

He became the chair at a very challenging time when important decisions about will need to be made. The main focus now, according to Silvio, is the discussion about the future TF-CSIRT, including whether and what changes need to be made. He is hopeful and believes that there will be enough unity to make the right decisions. 

For the next 20 years Silvio would like to wish the community an even better flow of information and to remain open for new members. He also hopes that COVID will not do too much harm and we can meet face to face again soon. 


An interview with Silvio Oertli