On the 31st August 2016, FIRST released a consolidated version of the Traffic Light Protocol (TLP). This work was developed as part of a Standards Special Interest Group (SIG) with significant input from the global security information sharing community and aims to address current issues where TLP colours are being differently interpreted alongside clear usage guidance for implementors.  More information is available from the FIRST press release.  The new version has been adopted by FIRST and by US-CERT, replacing existing definitions of the protocol.

The TF-CSIRT Community strongly endorses this new consolidated version of the TLP and the work of the special interest group in developing a standards process for the protocol.  TF-CSIRT recommends that the consolidated version be supported by CSIRT teams in their work, and is working towards adopting the new version as part of the requirements for Trusted Introducer Accreditation.  TF-CSIRT also recommends advice and guidance from ENISA on the TLP protocol and issues to be considered by the community when adopting the process.

The Trusted Introducer team and TF-CSIRT Steering Committee plan to bring the FIRST consolidated version of the Traffic Light Protocol to accredited teams for a vote in January 2017, with the aim of implementing this as a REQUIRED element within the accreditation process for teams by 1st March 2017.