Baiba Kaskina is the general manager of CERT.LV (Latvian National and governmental CSIRT) managing all activities including incident response, awareness raising and liaison with the constituencies.

She has been leading CSIRT teams in Latvia since 2006 and used to work for TERENA (the Netherlands) managing large scale projects, she also has been on the FIRST annual conference programme committee and is currently on the conference programme committee for TNC2017 responsible for the security section.

Baiba has been recently re-elected for another two years to chair TF-CSIRT – European CSIRT group consisting of national, governmental, academic, commercial and military CSIRTs. Baiba has been involved in different CSIRT related projects including responsible disclosure related debates, CSIRT maturity definition and particularly Trusted Introducer CSIRT certification study, assistance to newly developed teams and legal aspects of CSIRT work.