The 62nd TF-CSIRT meeting will take place online on the 26th January 2021 at 13:00 CET. Side meetings will be held on the 25th and 26th and a Capture the Flag exercise will be held on the morning of the 26th January.

Capture the Flag

Elastic have kindly agreed to host a Capture the Flag exercise for participants at this TF-CSIRT meeting. Information about the exercise and how it will be managed can be found here. Tools used in the exercise will be free and open technologies.  We would highly recommend people use (personal) computers with unfettered internet connections for the exercise as laptops with corporate restrictions may not be able to access the tools.


Registration for the main meeting is closed.

Programme Overview

TF-CSIRT Steering Committee (SC Members Only)Monday 25th January 202110:00 – 12:00 CET
TF-CSIRT Futures Working Group Monday 25th January 202114:00 – 16:00 CET
Taxonomy Working Group
(details available via the group mailing list)
Tuesday 26th January 202110:00 – 12:00 CET
Capture the Flag (registration closed) Tuesday 26th January 202109:30 – 11:30 CET
TF-CSIRT Main Meeting Tuesday 26th January 202113:00 – 16:00 CET

Detailed Programme: Tuesday 26th January 2021

13:00-13:10Brief Welcome, rules of online engagementSilvio Oertli (Chair of TF-CSIRT SC)White
13:10-13:25Update from the SC and Futures Working Group (slides)Silvio Oertli (Chair of TF-CSIRT SC)White
13:25-13:45TripOp – A New open source tool for gathering (not just) security-related data from Shodan (slides)Jan Kopriva, ALEF-CSIRTWhite
13:45-14:05AI in Cyber Security: Will Machines Replace Humans?Monika Venčkauskaitė, NRD CIRTWhite
14:05-14:20Big Game Hunting has been the dominant trend with ransomware throughout 2020Alexander Kalinin, CERT-GIBAmber
14:20-14:30When SSL becomes SS-hell (contact speaker for slides)Nicole Harris, GÉANTGreen
15:00-15:15Verifying current vulnerabilities with OpenVAS (contact speaker for slides)David Heed, SUNET CERTGreen
15:15-15:30Cuckoo Sandbox 3.0 (slides)Peter Cowman, Heiki Pikker and Jurriaan Bremer, CERT-EEWhite
15:30-15:50Remote Forensic Investigations For The Win (slides)Xavier Mertens, XM ConsultingWhite
15:50-16:00CLOSESilvio Oertli (Chair of TF-CSIRT SC)White