The 39th TF-CSIRT meeting was held on 23 & 24 May 2013 in Bucharest, Romania, at the Hotel Radisson Blu in Bucharest City Centre. The meeting was co-located with the ENISA 8th annual CERT workshop.

The minutes for the event is available.

The meeting was hosted by Agency ARNIEC/RoEduNet.


Thursday, 23rd May 2013
Title Presenter
Welcome, minutes of the last meeting, ToR review. Lionel Ferette.
Megatron Tool. Göran Pestana, CERT-SE.
ENISA cybercrime exercises project and best practises for alerts, warning and announcements. Mirek Maj.
NISHA – Network for Information Sharing and Alerting. Przemek Jaroszewski.
Dutch practice for Responsible Disclosure (slides to follow). André Oosterwijk.
Incident Type Classification. Don Stikvoort.


Friday, 24th May 2013
Title Presenter
The ENISA Internet Mapping Project. Rossella Mattioli
Planspiel. Wilfried Wöber
Google Webmaster Monitoring Service. Dimitrios Margaritis.
Update on security activities in Romania.
Short Report on RIPE66 items. Wilfried Wöber.
Network Security Monitoring Working Group – Discussion. Jan Vykopal
Team Cymru Update. Dave Monnier.
EU Council CSIRT (verbal presentation only).
TRANSITS update. Don Stikvoort.