From 14th June 2021 to 21st June 2021, TF-CSIRT team representatives are being asked to vote on two issues. The first is a proposed change to the Terms of Reference of TF-CSIRT and this is discussed in a previous blogpost. The second is a vote on the future of TF-CSIRT, which we outline below to help TF-CSIRT members make their decision.

The background to this vote has been discussed at many previous TF-CSIRT meetings. Due to the growth of TF-CSIRT and the success of the community, the task force has now outgrown the capacity of its existing home (GÉANT) and in order to grow needs to reconsider it’s model. At this moment TF-CSIRT represents not only the National, Research and Education (NREN) teams, but also has witnessed a huge growth of teams from Governmental and Commercial sectors.
TF-CSIRT is not currently a legal entity in its own right, and so is reliant on GÉANT procedures and Bylaws in acquiring funds, setting priorities and assigning manpower. This means that not all of the sectors mentioned above are fully represented in that decision making process and the resources available to TF-CSIRT are limited.

Future TF-CSIRT working group

Based on TF-CSIRTs’ Term of Reference the Future TF-CSIRT working group was established in 2018. This working group consists of members from the community interested in this topic. The main goal of the group is to discuss and advise the TF-CSIRT Steering Committee on legal, governance and financial issues with regards to the future of TF-CSIRT.The Future WG has held 15 meetings (onsite and online), shared multiple e-mails and facilitated many discussions. The group has focused on the following topics:

  • Discussions about legal entities;
  • External consultant investigated and presented a report on legal entities in 2019 (Cyprus meeting);
  • Investigations into possible future operational/governance models;
  • The aim for an all-inclusive approach (TF-CSIRT Community, GÉANT, OCF and RIPE NCC together).

The Future WG recommended to the TF-CSIRT Steering Committee that TF-CSIRT is best served by a not-for-profit Foundation established in The Netherlands. This recommendation was accepted by the Steering Committee.
This provides longer term mission stability and excellent legal, technical and practical access infrastructures. In addition, it minimizes the disruption and costs of change.


The work on the future of TF-CSIRT is by far not finished. Members from the community and the Steering Committee are still working on a final proposal.
As presented during the last online meeting TF-CSIRT SC would like your honest opinion on the follwing question into the direction for our community.

“Do you agree, that for the future growth and sustainability of TF-CSIRT the best way forward is a not-for-profit foundation established in the Netherlands.”

From 14 – 21 June is your chance to vote on this important topic! If you cannot find your invitation to vote please contact the Trusted Introducer team.