The voting for new members for the TF-CSIRT Steering Committee will take place from Monday 5th October. There are 3 seats open in this election:

  • Two seats are available for a full three year term – these positions will be voted on first.
  • One seat is available for a one year term as it replaces a colleague that had to step down.

Information about the elections will be sent to you via e-mail. You MUST have your TI certificate to be able to vote. You can test if your TI certificate is working easily by seeing if you can access the Trusted Introducer chat service. Reminders will be sent to the main TF-CSIRT lists prior to voting. As a reminder, only accredited and certified teams are eligible to vote in elections. The full election rules can be found in the TF-CSIRT Terms of Reference.

Information about each of the candidates is included below to help you with voting.

Candidate A: Sven Gabriel, EGI CSIRT

Sven Gabriel is a senior technical researcher at Nikhef, the Dutch National Institute for Subatomic Physics. He has a background in Computational Chemistry and Climate modelling and worked on a wide range of IT and IT security activities in various international projects. In his current position he is working on operational security in, a publicly-funded federation of over 300 data and computing data centres spread across Europe and worldwide, serving over 60000 users from a wide range of fields. In this function he successfully drove the process to make EGI-CSIRT a certified team within Trusted Introducer (TI). Here he ran Security Drills on a global scale, challenging the Incident Response capabilities of the various security teams active in EGI. In the same project, he also coordinated training addressing various technical and high level managerial problems in Incident Response for distributed infrastructures. Sven Gabriel received his Ph.D from RWTH Aachen University with a dissertation about Theoretical calculations of Circular Dichroism spectra of Bio-Organic compounds. Further information can be found about Sven on LinkedIn.

Candidate B: Shehzad Ahmad, NetsCERT

Shehzad has been working within Information Security for 23 years. Currently he works in Nets as Head of Information Security, Denmark. Before joining Nets, Shehzad was Head of DKCERT for 7 years. Shehzad has been a member of the TF-CSIRT community since 2007. From 2007 till 2015 as a TI-member and since 2015 as a TI Associate. Shehzad is also (since 2007) a member of FIRST. In Denmark Shehzad was the co-founder of The Danish Council for Digital Security which is an independent member organization with specialized knowledge and experience within information security and data privacy – and since 2012 he has been a board member of the council. For more than 13 years Shehzad has been sharing his knowledge and thoughts on Information Security by writing columns in newspapers. Shehzad was first elected to the Steering Committee in September 2017 and now seeks re-election. Further information about Shehzad can be found on LinkedIn.

Candidate C: Vladimir Bobor, TeliaCERT

Vladimir Bobor was born 1971 in Belgrade, Serbia. He has lived in Stockholm, Sweden since 1994. He achieved in 2006 his MSc with a specialization in Information and Communication Systems Security from Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) Stockholm and B.Sc. in Computer Engineering 2000. In 2007 he joined TeliaCERT team as incident handler and forensics analyst with responsibility to coordinate Swedish part of TeliaCERT team. He has long experience in Information Security field; Network Security and Computer-Network Forensics. Vlad was a member of TF-CSIRT Steering Committee from 2014 – 2019. Vladimir was one of initiators of Swedish CERT Forum. Further information about Vladimir can be found on LinkedIn.

Candidate D: Aleksander Matuszewski, GAZ-SYSTEM CERT

Aleksander Matuszewski, is a representative of the GAZ-SYSTEM CERT team – the Polish operator of the gas transmission system. He works in the company’s Cybersecurity department, responsible for international cybersecurity cooperation, supports the company in the process of synchronization with MISP and implementation of changes resulting from subsequent versions of the FIRST Framework. Aleksander has a PhD in the field of state security management and a second education as a chemical engineer. He is a Certified Manager of Information Security (CIS-Certification & Information Security Services GMBH, Viena, Austria), Chief Security Officer (CIS-CERT Polska).

Aleksander has over 14 years in the area of information security, including an active role in creating internal regulations and technical solutions. Over 7 years as the Chief of Information Security in the financial and research industry.

Motto: Everything is information.

In today’s world, I appreciate the importance of information and am eager to observe the different ways in which it is communicated and used. I am interested in open source intelligence techniques, cyber-social engineering, effective team building, new leadership ideas.

More information can be found about Aleksander on LinkedIn.