In July 2018, GÉANT and the TF-CSIRT Steering Committee agreed that the time was now right for TF-CSIRT to operate under a new legal construct.  The transfer will be prepared for later in 2019/20 based on consultations inside the TF-CSIRT community and further considerations prepared by external experts.

To support this process, GÉANT is issuing an RFQ (Request for Quotations) for a short consultancy. The aim of the consultancy is to analyze various legal options that fit the requirements of the TF-CSIRT community as they are currently understood. In order to provide a stable and sustainable legal foundation for the future, a legal analysis shall provide recommendations for further analysis and/or preparation towards a decision of the TF-CSIRT community later on. Initially the analysis will focus on a low number of countries (see below) to focus on suitable organizational models.

The timefame for the analysis and delivery of the work is 1st  May 2019 – 31st August 2019. Please see the attached document for full details of the RFQ and how to submit a quotation.